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Take a Perfectly Balanced Beer Stroll in San Diego

Celebrated as the beer mecca of the United States, San Diego is home to boldly flavored craft beers and serious eats. There are more than 150 well-reviewed microbreweries to explore featuring IPA style fusions.

Now’s your chance to get to know bolder more flavorful brews that excite the taste buds and hit just the right notes.

We start our San Diego beer tour with a bang. At the start of the tour, we set foot in San Diego’s earliest microbrewery, Karl Strauss, to sample hop flavors and fizzy delights. Next, we meander through the beautiful and sunny city stopping by at Stone Brewery. Finally, we’ll conclude at San Diego’s oldest tavern on the waterfront. The order of the tour may sometimes change depending, in large part, on availability.

Get in the Know

Here’s what you’ll learn during one of our refreshing beer tours:

  • Flavors and Textures – Our comprehensive beer tour gives you a speed walk through the trendiest flavors and textures of brews. From crisp to hop, malt to smoke, fruity to roast, and everything in between, you taste buds will take a wild ride through the most notable styles of beers in San Diego.

  • Beer Lingo – From newbies to pro beer lovers, there’s always something new to learn as San Diego’s microbreweries continue to churn out new and sensational flavors year after year. Keep up to speed in your beer club by learning the lingo – straight from the source.

  • Process – Your beer obsession could one day become an icebreaker when meeting someone new! Our beer tours teach you how craft beers are made behind the scenes. This knowledge gives you the option to try it at home or stick with the classics.

What To Expect

With a well-informed beer tour guide by your side, you get to skip the long wait times in San Diego. Your tour guide will give you an inside look at how each brew is made and make sure you get a beer flight at every stop. This is just a fancy term used to describe sampling 3-5 beers at once. To balance the intake of alcohol, you get delicious appetizers at one preplanned stop.

The Fine Details

Participants of our San Diego beer tour must be at least 21 years of age. Each adult pays $62 per tour. We recommend you dressing comfortably to enjoy a leisurely three-hour stroll.

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